M14 Miscellaneous Tips

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M14 Miscellaneous Tips

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Originally posted by Gutkowski.

The M14 extractor can be removed from the bolt with the rifle still assembled. Pull the operating rod handle rearward and lock the bolt. Place an empty .30-06 cartridge case inside the barrel chamber. Gently ride the bolt forward until it stops. The empty .30-06 cartridge case will keep the ejector and ejector spring depressed. This facilitates removal or installation of the extractor without use of the M14 combination tool.
When removing the trigger group (first check rifle clear of ammunition, cycle the bolt, and engage the safety) keep fingers out of the inside of the trigger guard when pulling the trigger guard away from the stock to avoid injury. Instead, use a thin metal object and place the end into the hole on the rear end of the trigger guard and pull out away from the stock. If a screw driver or the M14 combination tool is not available, the rim of an empty cartridge case can be used to tighten the elevation knob screw.
When cleaning the inside of the receiver lower a stripper clip through the stripper clip guide to a point below the bolt face. This will keep the bolt from going into battery and causing injury. Removing the sling keeper from the sling and then looping the sling through the rear sling swivel will reduce noise from the sling while carrying the rifle.
Write down sight adjustments for various ranges and points of impact for different cartridges on a small piece of paper. Tape this note sheet to the inside surface of the butt plate flapper.

M14 Rifle History and Development
Author Lee Emerson
Link for his book

http://www.lulu.com/shop/lee-emerson/m1 ... 02821.html
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