good advice for fools that use PayPal

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good advice for fools that use PayPal

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My first hand experience with Paypal was when I bought something from an honorable, good, seller and paypalled $150 to him at an email account he quit using. When he let paypal know and asked if they would simply transfer the $150 to his account under the new email they seized $150 from his account AND $150 from my account and notified both of us that neither of us was going to get any money for 6 months. The Paypal debris we both dealt with claiming to be "Paypal Claims Resolution" and "Customer Service" were some of the worst people I've dealt with. I got the matter cleared up only after I pulled court dockets and Attorney General investigations of them and located their attorneys and let them know I was filing suit and filing a complaint with the AG here. Most people abandon the money after 6 months and give up due to the runaround, abuse, and expense. That's their apparent tactic.


1) NEVER allow Paypal access to any account that you don't mind having frozen or pillaged.
2) Tie Paypal to a disposable low limit credit card and low balance bank account that you sweep.
My 2 cents of info....
If on flee bay just use your credit card, and be sure your card utilizes "a Vitural number" not the actual credit card number, for each buying transaction. This generates a new number for each transaction, for the amount you stipulate, and the days it is valid. It avoids ripped off credit card numbers and it is tied to the credit card with its rules, not ebay's rules, and you dispute through the credit card or can file a fraud claim. Never tie any pal pal to an actually bank account. Never forward any money through pay pal. While the buyer generally has more rights than the seller, pay pal is a bag of worms. There are so many possibilities of getting screwed, especially overseas accounts or transactions.
Some just have a seperate ebay/amazon/paypal credit cards and only have a limited funds, and set upper limits like $500. Still to nuts for me. The vitural number works, just that you have to add a new card # to pay pal each time you make a purchase. It is worth the added effort. The card virtual # is valid for a few days (or time you indicated) and only for the amount designated. If someone uses the number they will not get any cash and depending on the use time, it may no longer be a valid number. Generally with increased shipping and tax, poor packaging by a seller, all to many lost or damaged items, postal insurance is problematic, ebay is becoming a joke unless it is some item you must have and have not found locally. Then you better pay extra for packaging, so its double boxed and priority delivery with tracking and signature at the door. ... vice.4839/
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