Komodo Pistola

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Komodo Pistola

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Disclaimer: The following is an attempt at humor. There is no such weapon as is described, and if there was, we sure wouldn’t sell it to you. With that in mind, read on...

Deep in the Amazon rainforest we recently stumbled across a rusted shipping container with the the last few crates of the fabled Komodo Pistola M86. Produced on contract by the National Armory of Andorra for the International Peoples Republican Army, this pistol is often considered to represent the height of Andorran arms making. Because of their age, none of the usual gun regulations apply and these can be shipped direct to your house and even to your kids. (See below for the Kindergarden Special.)

With its toggle link, tilting barrel. gas operated blowback action, no less an authority than John M. Browning was heard to say “I consider the Komodo to be the most dangerous handgun in the world.” Just imagine the expression on the face of your next home intruder when you confront him with “the most dangerous handgun in the world”.

The IPRA is perhaps the only army in the world that did not use rifles. Their leader, General Ramon “El Puerco Grande” Sanchez Lopez, was often heard to remark that “Any soldier who can’t get within pistol range of the enemy is a big sissy”.

The Komodo fires the long obsolete 11X 57 rimmed kurz Komodo cartridge. An undetermined amount of an unidentified powder propels a thumbnail sized bullet at a blistering 200 fps. No need to worry about over penetration when used for home defense!

In that same shipping container we found a vast supply of this ammo, which we can now offer to our buyers. Fair disclosure: due to its age these may suffer from blown primers, case head separations, split necks, squibs or other infirmities. However, at this price we are sure you will agree that it is a steal. And when these are gone, there won’t be any more.

Select “hand pick” for an example of what we call “latrine art”. As the soldiers of the IPRA lay around in their hammocks in the Sierra, waiting for the final government attack that never came, they often decorated the wooden grips of their Komodos with initials, birthdates or other grafitti, such as “General Puerco is a pig!” or “For a good time in Vera Cruz, ask for Carmen.”

Some examples may exhibit a "duffel cut". Homebound soldiers sometimes sawed off the barrel so they could smuggle their Komodo home in a hip pocket. Have no fear, these have been carefully restored using J.B. Weld.

These pistols are carefully rated for condition using the NRA scale*
NRA condition one - may be missing minor parts such as barrel, slide, hand grips, trigger or lanyard swivel
NRA condition two - You call this a pistol?
NRA condition three - guaranteed to contain ample rust and possibly some mud

*No restorations attempted

We also offer a few of the M86/87 models which feature upgrades requested by the IPRA which include a folding buttstock, carrying handle, drum magazine, monopod and 2-power scope.

You may wonder how we can offer these rare weapons at such low prices. This is because we have no overhead: no paid salespersons, no storefront, and no warehouse. We operate out of our car trunk and are constantly on the move so as to better serve our far flung customers.
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Re: Komodo Pistola

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You need to write descriptions for Classic :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: Komodo Pistola

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Looks like it was torn from the pages of some online vendors! :D :lol:
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