NM MILSURPS March shoot- 300 meters "Mad Minute"

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NM MILSURPS March shoot- 300 meters "Mad Minute"

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'Mad Minute Shooting Match' Information

History: Prior to the outbreak of World War One many of the leading military powered nations (France, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, Russia, United States) had a rapid speed-loading and firing drill with their various firearms they used to get the soldier accustomed to firing their rifles in the heat of combat at various distances, the most famous of these was the British "Practice Number 22, Rapid Fire” from the manual “The Musketry Regulations, Part I, 1909" which was latter dubbed as “The Mad Minute”. This required the rifleman to fire at least 15 aimed rounds at a ‘Second Class Figure’ target at 300 yards (270 meters) in one minute hitting that target not just rapidly fire as many rounds off in that minute as many people think it was done.
This rifle practice was fired from the ‘Lying’ (Prone Unsupported) position in which the rifle was to be loaded with one round in the chamber and four rounds in the magazine before the target appeared to the shooter and once firing began loading was to be accomplished from either the pouch or bandolier by five rounds until the one minute expired.
The target they used for this rifle practice was a ‘Second Class Figure Target’ that was a 48" x 48" (122 x 122 cm) square with a 36" (91 cm) magpie circle which a 24" (61 cm) inner circle was placed in it and placed within that circle was a 12" × 12" (30 x 30 cm) aiming mark that was in the form of a silhouetted figure that represented the outline of the head of a man aiming a rifle from a trench. The target was scored in the following manner: 3 points for hits within both the 12" × 12" silhouette figure and 24" inner ring, 2 points within the 36" magpie ring, and 1 point within the rest of the target.

NM MILSURPS ‘Mad Minute’ Match

The distance of our shoot is 328 yards (300 meters), which is very close to the original distance, firing at a ¾” thick AR 500 black painted steel square target that measures 24" (61 cm) wide by 30" (76 cm) high which will have the white 12" × 12" (30 x30 cm) silhouette type figure painted on it in the center. As you can see by the dimensions of our target we are using that it only has the complete silhouette figure, inner circle and some of the magpie ring from the original target used which makes it more of a challenge to hit the target. As we are shooting at a steel target unlike the original, which was a linen sheet, we can only score a hit anywhere on the steel.

We have to different classes of firearms that can participate in this match, Bolt-Action Rifles and Semi-Automatic Rifles

Bolt-Action Rifles: You will have 60 seconds (one minute) to shoot as many aimed rounds as fast as you can at the target. You will be in the prone supported or unsupported position (your choice), load up to 5 rounds in your firearm, then chamber one round and once you are ready to shoot let the person who has the timer know you are going to start, time will start with the first round fired. You will have to reload 5 rounds each time afterwards as per the original way it was done. As most people do not have cartridge pouches or bandoliers to pull your cartridges from we will allow you to have them placed in front or by your side of you for rapid reloading.
Semi-Automatic Rifles: The only difference is you can load as many rounds in your rifles magazine be it 10, 20 or 30 round ones, however no magazine over 30 rounds maybe used in the shoot. Again firing as fast as you can then swapping magazines as needed to complete the 60 seconds (one minute).

All rifles we will use in this match shall be originally open sighted configured surplus military service firearms that were or that still are issued in all the world's standing armies. The firearms themselves must be ones that that were issued to ordinary soldier who used these firearms in the various armies in both the past and present. The iron sights must be the original style as issued on the firearms which does not include in any aftermarket, target, match adjustable sights or micrometer sights as these were not issued to the ordinary soldier. There will no usage of any type of optics, scopes, etc. allowed on the firearm for this match.
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