No sandpaper, the card/glass scraper on wood ---perfect

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No sandpaper, the card/glass scraper on wood ---perfect

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How to Sharpen and Use a Card Scraper Like a Boss - Essential Skills For Woodworking

5 steps for easy woodworking card/cabinet scraper sharpening

scraper on a gun stock
Preparing and Using a Card Scraper on Gun Stocks
:roll: The old boy method& a knife...

You can also use a razor blade or flat glass from a broken window. My grandmother used broken flat glass to scrape the maple floors to remove old varnish. Broken curved bottle glass can also be used for curved wood surfaces. You can buy goose neck scrapers or make your own. How to sharpen a curved scraper:
Screen Shot 2021-11-08 at 7.23.18 PM.png

More about furniture.... cabinet scraper
Cabinet Scraper – How to use and Sharpen

Old scrapping plane.... furniture flat boards
How to Use and Sharpen a Stanley 80 or 81 Scraping Plane
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Re: No sandpaper, the card/glass scraper on wood ---perfect

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Yes indeed, for I make my own custom muzzleloadering longrifles and none of them get touched with any sandpaper - only scrapers, homemade or commercially obtained.
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