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Classifieds Rules

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Classifieds Rules

Use of the Classifieds section automatically implies your agreement with all the rules contained therein.

**************************GENERAL DISCLAIMER**************************

This site, those that work at this site, Site Sponsors, the Site Server, the Site Administrators, the Site Moderators, and anyone associated with the running of Surplus Rifle Forum (SRF) are not responsible for any listings made in any of this site's Trader-Classified Ads-Sponsor Boards.

We do not stand behind any sellers nor buyers, so buy, sell, or trade at your own risk.

Although we are not responsible for the accuracy of any listings made on these boards, any obvious discrepancies, difficulties, non-payment, non-delivery, etc., pointed out to us may be handled as required

NOTE: The only items allowed in any of the For Sale areas are Firearms and closely related items (i.e. accessories, ammunition, bayonets, shooting gear, reloading etc.) THAT YOU OWN. Buying and selling on behalf of another party is prohibited and may be illegal (Straw Purchases, for example).

1. The For Sale section is provided as a courtesy to forum members who have been allowed access under forum rules. Under special circumstances or for exceptions, contact a Moderator.

2. What is NOT allowed:
a. If you are a gun dealer, militaria dealer, pawn shop owner, or run a commercial business that is related to items that might be listed on this site, AND you are not a sponsor, you are not allowed to routinely post items for sale or trade on these boards. Contact Mod for details.
b. NO auctions, links to auctions, or links to online sales currently running on other forums or commercial sites.
c. Reloaded Ammunition is NOT allowed For Sale in the forum. Period.
d. NO duplicate user names.

a. WTS or WTT or WTS/WTT along with quick item description in the subject line.
b. Clear, concise, description of the item(s) in the post body. Make sure to include condition, numbers matching, import marks, etc., to expedite sales.
c. Lots of clear, hi-res, pictures. :)
d. FIXED price in USD or trade options. Again-no auctions. Also provide payment requirements-traceable preferred.
e. Legal requirements if applicable. FFL01, C&R, antique, FOID, etc.
f. DO NOT post blanket refusals to sell to specific areas. The only acceptable restriction wording in a For Sale ad is "not for sale where restricted by law" or something similar.
g. Sellers have the right to refuse sales to individuals based on knowledge or advice from any reputable source. They must apprise a moderator of their intention, and the reasons, before doing so. The declination must not be based on race, gender, religion, or political beliefs.
h. Any shipping exceptions or restrictions. From FFL or ORM-D, for example.
i. If the item(s) is/are cross-posted on other forums or sites (without providing links).

a. Technical questions, requests for more pictures & answers relating to the transaction are allowed and desired, but ABSOLUTELY NO SHAMERS, WANKERS, HIJACKING, TROLLING, or irrelevant comments are permitted. Use PMs, however, for non-technical concerns, pricing, etc.
b. BUMPING or BACK TO TOP allowed once a week. Period. Any follow on post will also be considered a bump.
c. If discrepancies, errors of omission, or other areas of concern are noted by any member, contact the seller or a Mod by PM. NO SHAMING IN THE OP. We expect the Seller/Trader to make the corrections since they may not have been aware of the discrepancies.

a. The buyer and seller or traders MUST GIVE THEIR WORD, publicly, in the thread. via use of "I'll Take It", "Sold to", etc. IF THAT DOES NOT OCCUR, THE MODERATORS WILL NOT BE OBLIGATED TO RESOLVE ANY CONFLICTS.
NOTE: "I'll take it" AND "Sold To" we consider to be a binding commitment to buy/sell. The only way out of a transaction is if both parties work out an agreement to undo the sale. In other words, moderator intervention is not needed. This protects all from false expectations, keeps everything above board and the playing field level. After the sale is agreed upon, private information should use alternate methods (PM's Emails).
b. If an item sells or is traded, mark the original subject line as "Sold", "Traded", or "SPF" (Sold Pending Funds).
c. If multiple items were for sale or trade, update their status within the original post (OP) body.
d. If an item does not sell and/or you have decided you no longer wish to have the item listed – you must update your ad stating the item is “Withdrawn”.
e. Do not delete your post. It may be used as a reference for other transactions.

6. Any difficulties between a buyer and seller should be brought to the immediate attention of a moderator.

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